Assemblymember Betsy Butler has a rich legislative history.


2012 Legislation

AB 1181 (Butler)– This bill will help County Weights and Measures officials protect consumers who sell recyclable commodities such as soda cans to a recycler/purchaser. The bill clarifies that it is a clear violation for the purchaser to buy the commodity according to a quantity which is less than the true quantity. Status: Sent to the Governor for signature on August 31st, 2012.

AB 1700 (Butler) This bill would prevent two persons who co-own real property together from having the property tax liability of the survivor owner, increase upon death of one of the co-owners.
Status:  September 29, 2012 –  Signed by Governor – Chapter 781, Statutes of 2012.

AB 1904 (Block/Butler/Cook) This is a bipartisan measure which grants the spouses of active-duty military personnel temporary California professional licenses to continue working when their military spouse has been relocated to California.
Status:  September 20, 2012 –  Signed by Governor – Chapter 399, Statutes of 2012.

AB 2094 (Butler) This legislation ensures funding for local domestic violence prevention programs, by stabilizing the administration of an existing court fee to domestic violence offenders.
Status:  September 24, 2012 –  Signed by Governor – Chapter 511, Statutes of 2012.

AB 2118 (Butler) This bill protects consumers from unlicensed moving companies by authorizing increased enforcement by the Public Utilities Commission which regulates the moving company industry.
Status:  September 25, 2012 –  Signed by Governor – Chapter 544, Statutes of 2012.

AB 2149 (Butler) This bill prevents legal settlements between an elderly person and another party from including gag clauses preventing an elderly victim of financial or physical abuse, from reporting the abuse to law enforcement or adult protective services agencies.
Status: September 27, 2012 –  Signed by Governor – Chapter 644, Statutes of 2012.

AB 2307 (Butler) This bill clarifies the definition of permanent employees for classified employees to ensure that when they are reassigned to work at a different school district, they are able to maintain their permanent employee status.
Status: September 26, 2012 –  Signed by Governor – Chapter 568, Statutes of 2012.

AB 2346 (Butler) – This bill, also known as The Farmworker Safety Act of 2012, will ensure that water and shade are provided to California’s farmworkers and will more severely punish non-compliance by making the growers liable for heat-related illness. Further, it establishes a private right of action so that farmworkers can hold their employers accountable under the law.
Status: September 30, 2012 –  Vetoed by Governor.

AB 2371 (Butler) This legislation gives California courts the option of placing military veterans who have committed certain crimes, into a drug or mental health treatment program as a condition of probation.
Status:  September 20, 2012 –  Signed by Governor – Chapter 403, Statutes of 2012.

AB 2490 (Butler) This bill requires the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to appoint an institutional parole agent at each facility help connect United States military veteran inmates with any available military benefits upon their release.
Status:  September 20, 2012 –  Signed by Governor – Chapter 407, Statutes of 2012.

AB 2611 (Butler) This bill would authorize superior courts throughout California to develop and implement veterans courts that would be able to develop locally coordinated court-supervised diversion and treatment programs for individuals who qualify.
Status:  September 23, 2012 –  Vetoed by Governor

2011 Legislation

AB 201 (Butler)– This bill would authorize superior courts to develop and implement veterans courts with the objective of providing mentally ill offenders who are veterans of the United States military, including those with post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, military sexual trauma, substance abuse, or any mental health problem stemming from military service with appropriate treatment and veterans services. Status:  August 5, 2011 –  Vetoed by Governor

AB 332 (Butler)– This bill will protect seniors and dependent adults by increasing the fines committed under Penal Code Section 368 for theft, embezzlement, forgery, or fraud to the property or personal identifying information for a misdemeanor offense valued more than $950, from a fine of up to $1000 and elevate it to a fine of up to $2500 and create a new threshold for a felony offense valued greater than $950 and proscribes a fine of up to $10,000. Status:  September 30, 2011 –  Signed by Governor – Chapter 366, Statutes of 2011.

AB 475 (Butler)– This bill updates current code to allow all types of plug-in electric vehicles to park in designated parking spaces that are designed for electric vehicles. In order to clarify and streamline the process for determining parking eligibility in off-street parking facilities, the bill establishes that if a parked vehicle is connected for electric charging purposes this visual cue establishes its eligibility to be parked in a designated space and eliminates the absolute need for any parking decal. Status:  September 7, 2011 –  Signed by Governor – Chapter 274, Statutes of 2011.

AB 771 (Butler)– This measure will protect consumers by requiring a common interest development to provide an estimate of the fees it will assess for providing documents required for the sale of a unit and to distinguish these fees from any other fees, fines or assessments associated with the sale. Status:  September 30, 2011 –  Signed by Governor – Chapter 206, Statutes of 2011.

AB 946 (Butler)– Authorizes the County of Los Angeles or the LA-RICS to procure a regional interoperable communications to be used by public safety agencies and emergency responders located in the County of Los Angeles. Status:  October 2, 2011 –  Signed by Governor – Chapter 400, Statutes of 2011.

AB 1044 (Butler)– This bill revises the statutory provisions that allow any taxpayer named as a payee on a registered warrant (RW) to satisfy their tax liability by issuing a check in an amount no greater than the RW. Expands the provisions to cover taxes, fees, and surcharges required to be remitted to the State Board of Equalization, and provides that liabilities may be satisfied by submitting the original RW, signed on the reverse side by the payee and endorsed as payable to the agency to which the liability is owed. Status:  October 9, 2011 –  Vetoed by Governor

AB 1272 (Butler)– This bill is the annual surplus property bill sponsored by the Department of General Services (DGS) and would authorize DGS to dispose of unneeded state-owned properties. Status:  August 4, 2011 –  Signed by Governor – Chapter 178, Statutes of 2011.

AB 1319 (Butler)– This bill enacts the Toxin-Free Infants and Toddlers Act, which would, except as specified, prohibit, on and after July 1, 2013, the manufacture, sale, or distribution in commerce of baby bottles and sippy cups that contain Bisphenol-A (BPA), at a level above 0.1 parts per billion (ppb). The bill would also require manufacturers to use the least toxic alternative when replacing BPA in containers in accordance with this bill. Status:  October 4, 2011 –  Signed by Governor – Chapter 467, Statutes of 2011.


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