Yellow Journalism, Negative Attack Ads and Dirty Politics

There are many, many nasty mailers being sent out now from the who’s who of corporate special interests. Apparently lots of large corporations are scared of Betsy’s campaign. Whether the Western Growers Association or the Family Farmers  – one independent expenditure group after another.

Santa Monica Mayor Richard Bloom would like to pretend he has nothing to do with these “independent expenditures” — but he is peddling the same distortions, the same untruths as the independent expenditure groups, and in fact has paid for a specific website that does nothing but attack Betsy’s campaign with the same exact language being used by the independent expenditure committees.

The question has to be asked about what kind of coordination is occurring between the Bloom campaign, and the independent expenditure committees?

The question also has to be asked about the seeming endorsement by CNN for this negative paid website. Does CNN regularly lend their name to paid political attack ads?

Note the screenshot of primary attack website is PAID FOR BY THE RICHARD BLOOM COMMITTEE at bottom of this post.

Betsy is being attacked on the environment, on keeping Hollywood production here in California; for legislative votes to improve the lives of farm workers, of mothers and their babies. She is being attacked for fighting for California consumers and families alike. Betsy is being attacked for doing the right thing, which scares people.

This week the LA WEEKLY, one of the lesser known papers in the Los Angeles region –  has decided to abandon all pretense of having journalistic ethics and instead appear to be the primary media cheerleaders for the latest false, baseless and slanderous attack. It is one thing to have to question whether Mayor Richard Bloom is coordinating with the independent expenditure groups; but now this other question of whether the LA WEEKLY is doing so also; and frankly to which special interest group have they sold out their editorial, blog and twitter profiles to during this election to become a full fledged corporate shill instead of a newspaper? Just look at how hard their managing editor is attempting to sway public opinion:

While politics is a nasty business, there are too many lines being crossed by both the Campaign of Santa Monica Mayor Richard Bloom; the various independent expenditure committees he *appears* to be sharing plans and language of attacks with and now the LA WEEKLY. So many lines being crossed that questions now have to be asked about how far this coordination between Mayor Bloom’s committee and the independent expenditure groups goes?

Shame on Mayor Bloom.

Shame on the LA WEEKLY to sink to such a disgusting low.



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